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11/23/2011: Christmas Shopping: Those of you who are getting started early on your Christmas shopping (and shopping earlier than December 23rd is early) should keep in mind some of the wonderful items available at the Hillbilly Farms CafePress stores. Our bestselling item is the hot pink WWGMD underwear. What would George Morris say to that?

What would George Morris do if confronted with these?

And don't forget that a donation to charity always makes a great gift, so consider donating to the Hillbilly Farms Testicle Drive. Who wouldn't want to receive this bumper sticker in their Christmas stocking?

One Less Testicle

And finally, for those of you who like to start your Christmas shopping really early, we are currently writing a novel. We have set an ambitious timeline and hope to have the novel available for Christmas 2013.

9/18/2011: Hillbilly Farms Dressage Training Scale: Here at Hillbilly Farms we find that dressage is a great tool for schooling hunt horses. That is, if our hunt horses misbehave we threaten to turn them into dressage horses. This usually helps them find their manners pretty quickly. But when schooling dressage, we use a modified training scale, the Hillbilly Farms Dressage Training Scale.

9/7/2011: Updates: We have a new Satellite Barn from Ocala, FL the self-proclaimed 'Horse Capital of the World!' (okay, so I added the exclamation point). And we added an entry to Happiness is....

8/25/2011: Old Dog, New Tricks: Some of you may have noticed that Hillbilly Farms has been stuck in the dark ages. So we have decided to try to join the 20th century by setting up an RSS feed for our website. Our plan is to feed the breaking news items. Eventually we will get around to adding the RSS logo and link to all of our pages, but for now just go to http://www4.ncsu.edu/~masupple/hillbilly/rss.xml to subscribe or whatever it is you do with RSS feeds. If you have problems with our feed, let us know and we'll try to fix it.

8/9/2011: Recycling: We have recycled an old breaking news item containing a short reading list into a full length feature - Hillbilly Farms Reading List and Book Reviews. Saving the world one recycled byte at a time.

7/28/2011: Testicle Drive Update: The good news is that the United States Equine Rescue League has raised enough money for Red's castration. And you can only geld 'em once, so Red doesn't need our help anymore. But we here at Hillbilly Farms haven't met our fundraising goal yet. So we have decided to continue running the Testicle Drive because there will always be new horses at the USERL that need castration. Go to the Hillbilly Farms Testicle Drive page for updated details. Thank you to everyone who has already donated.

7/13/2011: New Jumping Clinic: We finally have a new Jumping Clinic posted!

7/12/2011: Philosophical thought for the day: In order to finish in last place, you must still finish the race.

6/19/2011: The Hillbilly Farms Testicle Drive: The United States Equine Rescue League, Inc. needs to raise money to pay for the castration of a stallion, Red Bulter. To help them raise the necessary funds Hillbilly Farms is introducing the Hillbilly Farms Testicle Drive. If you make a donation to the USERL for Red Butler then we will send you this fabulous bumper sticker and much, much more.

One Less Testicle

A contribution to the Hillbilly Farms Testicle Drive is the perfect gift for the man in your life who never gives you nuthin'. Please go to the Hillbilly Farms Testicle Drive page for more details. If we don't raise enough money with our internet campaign we will have to go door-to-door: "Good morning, sir. Would you like to make a contribution to the Hillbilly Farms Testicle Drive?"

6/12/2011: A Rollercoaster Weekend: This weekend two of our riders experienced some of the highs and lows that come with horse competitions. On Saturday, the pair started the exciting weekend with a Hunter Pace at the Woodbrook Hunt Club. One fall and 1 hour, 32 minutes, 17 seconds later they crossed the finish line (optimum time: 37 minutes). Immediately following the hunter pace, they reached the pinnacle of the weekend when they were on the winning team of the Woodbrook Hunt Club Point-to-Point race. Then Sunday found one of the riders showing at a local hunter show, where she reached a new low in her riding career - falling off in Ground Pole Equitation.

6/9/2011: More Stall Signs: A loyal reader of Hillbilly Farms sent us some hilarious stall signs for her horses. So we have added those to the Hillbilly Farms Stall Signs page.

6/8/2011: A New Horse: We have added a new horse, Gunner, to our Horses page. Gunner isn't actually new. He has been with Hillbilly Farms for four long, long, long years. During that time he has done much to earn a coveted spot on our roster.

5/31/2011: Hillbilly Farms Stall Signs: Need a gift for that special horse in your life? (You know, the horse who gave you plastic surgery for Christmas one year.) Introducing Hillbilly Farms stall signs. Now you can buy your horse a stall sign that reflects your special relationship.

Owned and Tolerated by

(We are actually going to get this stall sign made for one of our special horses.) Go to our Hillbilly Farms Stall Signs page to see more options.

11/22/10: Exclusively George Store: George has been hard at work opening up his very own cafepress store, Exclusively George, with a wide variety of items for sale (clothing, yoga mats, water bottles, journals) . Some of his favorite items are:

What would George Morris do if confronted with these? St. George WWGMD

Now that George has finished this project, he promises to have some new Jumping Clinics posted very soon.

8/27/10: Show Gear Update: Our New Year's resolution to update the website more often lasted until mid-February, which is quite a bit longer than most resolutions last. To make up for this, we decided to finally get the long awaited Show Gear page posted. Those of you who have been following us since the beginning will remember that this page was under construction when we first launched the Hillbilly Farms website (back in 2003).

2/17/10: Victory: In a stunning upset (well, we were stunned anyway), the Hillbilly Farms Trivia team won first place in Tuesday night's pub trivia contest. This brings our total trivia team winnings to $96.


2/8/10: New Satellite Barn: We'd like to welcome B&B Stables of Maineville, OH, the newest Hillbilly Farms Satellite Barn. We are confident that their versatile horses and state of the art equipment will be a great asset to Hillbilly Farms.

indoor trail horse with beer holder

2/1/10: Competition News: Hillbilly Farms has entered a new competitive arena: Pub Trivia Contests. Hillbilly Farms Trivia Team winnings: $56. Money spent on entry fees, pub food, and bar tabs: we'd rather not think about it. Due to our success we are planning to quit our jobs and hit the pub trivial circuit full-time, studying People magazine and ESPN during the day and competing in the evening.

$20 $36

1/26/10: Update: Another Jumping Clinic entry has been posted.

1/17/10: Update: A new Jumping Clinic has been posted.

1/5/10: Happy Holidays: Happy Holidays from Hillbilly Farms! Here is a picture of our Angel on the tree:

An angel on our tree

Many of our loyal readers will be happy to hear that our New Year's resolution this year is to update the website more often. We have already received some help towards this goal - one of our regular contributors was recently injured by a naughty horse, thus freeing up more of her time to devote to her Hillbilly Farms duties. And now an update on last year's resolution: we are pleased to report that during 2009 there were no photos taken of this rider riding in front of the saddle. Success!

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