Hillbilly Farms Dressage Training Scale

Hillbilly Farms Dressage Training Scale

1. Galloping (Geschwindigkeit) - Galloping and other forms of going very fast are the foundation of all riding.

2. Rhythm (Hypnotisieren) - A metronome-like rhythm will put the judge to sleep, allowing you at anytime during your test to ride down the center line and salute, pretending to finish your test. In this case, the judge will fill in the missing marks with 5's and 6's, as they always do when they fall asleep.

3. Classical Geometry (Euclidean Geometrie) - If you can't bisect an angle with a compass and straight edge how will you ever be able to execute the perfect circle? (Note: Avoid the new fad of practicing non-Euclidean geometry.)

4. Patience (Langsamkeit) - Both horse and rider must learn patience to endure the long, long walk across the diagonal. Who knew √ 202+ 602  meters could seem so long.

5. Hard Liquor (Jägermeister) - Self explanatory.

A word of caution: Many people try to skip directly to the pinnacle of the pyramid. Taking such a shortcut rarely results in success. Without the skills from the base of the pyramid it is really difficult to get the cap back on your hip flask during your warmup lap around the arena.

Photos coming soonish!