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Page Last Modified: Dec 13, 2008

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I-can't-believe-I-didn't-fall-off 2008 Photo Sequence

Two different angles of this year's spectacular near fall, courtesy of Troutstreaming Outdoor and Sports Media.

heels up, eyes down heels up, eyes down
monkey legs a flattering angle

Through the years Jigger has learned to ignore the acrobatics going on above him. So this year, once he got all four feet on the same side of the jump, he cantered on, looking for the next jump, which he jumped successfully.

We haven't had time to write much for the website lately because we have been so busy having fun. Here are some photos from our recent events:

crawling drunk

Safety First! Always wear your helmet when you are going to be crawling around drunk behind horses.

Me and George

The one and only

Gone in 160 Minutes Gone in 160 Minutes II

Gone in 160 Minutes

Thank you to Tim Poulsen of Poulsen Photography for capturing this indescribable moment. Never again will I utter the words "Hey Tim, take a picture of me jumping the brush fence." We want to make an inspirational poster out of these photos, so go to Breaking News for more information about the poster contest.

Trying to look good for the photographer.
Is the horse looking at the photographer?
What kind of release would you call this?
Gravity in full effect.
Just about to come off.
I am so far up his neck, I am squishing his ears.

How many hillbillies fit into a Mini?

Eight Hillbillies in a Mini Eight Hillbillies in a Mini
Eight Hillbillies in a Mini


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