2005-2006 Archived News

11/10/06 Poster Contest: Hillbilly Farms' Offical Photographer Tim Poulsen of Poulsen Photography captured a photo sequence that should be an inspiration to hillbillies everywhere. We want to make these photos into a mock inspirational poster (you know, the kind that hang in offices in corporate America that try to encourage people to work hard for principles, rather than money). But we need your help! Send us your ideas or suggestions. The winner will receive, well...nothing, except the pride of a job well done, and maybe a free poster (if we actually get around to making them).

11/9/06 Attention North Carolinians: Hillbilly Farms' Professor of Historical Equitation has moved to the Raleigh area and is looking for horses to ride for further research into historical equitation. If you have a horse in the Raleigh area that needs exercise, don't miss out on this exciting opportunity. Contact us via email for more information.

6/15/06 Madlibs: Have fun with the new Hillbilly Hunter Show madlibs. Also, another new Jumping Clinic. And coming soon: Foxhunting in New Zealand (Stay tuned to find out how many times we fell off and how many barbed wire fences we broke).

2/4/06 Updates: Check out our new sponsor: Australian Canned Wine. Nothing says class and sophistication like a six-pack of wine. Also, a new Jumping Clinic and a couple of new trainer quotes.

1/11/06 Sad news: Hillbilly Farms is saddened by the sudden loss of our infamous pony Dexter ("Coastal Sand"). In his honor we held an Irish wake and drank much Irish whiskey (and had a hangover trail ride the next day). We dearly miss our naughty little angel.

11/14/05 HBF Escort Service: Dexter has launched a new entrepreneurial venture, The HBF Escort Service. For a small fee Dexter, or one of his associates, will escort nervous or inexperienced horses on the trail. Dexter has even made his own business cards on his personal computer:

Dexter's new business card

Trail Escorts available are:
   Dexter - Blonde hair, blue eyes, easy-going personality
   Boots - Tall, dark and handsome
   Jigger - Strong, athletic, great hair
   Shelby - Hot readhead

Dexter is also trying to earn extra carrot money by mowing and fertilizing lawns. What an ambitious little guy!

10/29/05 Philosophical question answered: A couple of years ago we set out to answer the age old question, "How many hillbillies fit into a Mini?" Now we have finally decided to reveal the answer to the world. Go to our photos page for the shocking answer.

10/28/05 Finally some updates: Some of you have noticed that the Hillbilly Farms website hasn't been updated for a while. Don't worry, we are still out riding on the local show circuit, making fools of ourselves. We just haven't had time to write about it because we have been busy pursuing many business opportunities that have come to us on email. We have apparently won several lotteries that we didn't even enter and we have received many business proposals from our international contacts, including some involving major political figures. With these exciting financial opportunities on the horizon we decided to splurge and buy www.hillbillyfarms.org. And a note to our fans: if you sent us an email in the past couple of years and haven't heard back from us, be patient. We are finally getting around to answering our email again (of course we will be answering the emails offering large sums of money first). In the mean time, check out our updated Horses Page and the new Jumping Clinic entry.

3/3/05 Party at Cowgirls Inc: Friday, March 4th at 5:30 pm. Be there or whatever.

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