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Page Last Modified: May 15, 2020

Buy T-shirts

Buy Hillbilly Farms Merchandise!

Our new publishing division, Hillbilly Press, is up and running:

The Horse Who Wouldn't Die

The Horse Who Wouldn't Die: The Biography of a Useless Horse is the true story of a horse who defied the odds and inspired a nation...wait, wait...that's the wrong story, the wrong horse. This is the story of a different kind of horse. This is the story of a failed showjumper, turned failed show hunter, turned failed school horse, who eventually found his calling as a pasture ornament.

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and other ebook retailers.

We now have a few Cafepress stores where you can purchase official Hillbilly Farms merchandise. Hillbilly Farms merchandise makes the perfect gift for that hard to shop for horse friend who has everything but talent.

In our Main Hillbilly Farms Store you can purchase various products from T-shirts to beer steins to thongs, featuring our world famous logo and our motto, "Winning the Battle Against Perfection." We also have bumper stickers, religious ornaments, and other fun stuff. A small sampling of our favorites are shown below:

Everyone is going to be wearing them this year Everyone is going to be wearing them this year What would George Morris do? St. George My hillbilly horse beat up your imported warmblood

And we have a new line of kids clothing in two cafepress stores, Hillbilly Farms Girls and Hillbilly Farms Boys, with kids clothing featuring the following two designs:

I am being raised in a barn! I am being raised in a barn!

We also have this fine bumper sticker and card available for a $25 donation to the USERL through The Hillbilly Farms Testicle Drive:

One Less Testicle bumpersticker

One Less Testicle card One Less Testicle card, inside

And finally, we would like to promote this bumper sticker by the United State Equine Rescue League :

I saved a horse, now I need a cowboy!

Advertise your generosity and your desperation all in one cool bumper sticker. This bumper sticker is not yet available through the USERL store, but it should be available at USERL booths. And if you just can't wait, we have a few here at Hillbilly Farms, available for a $5 donation to USERL. Contact us for more information.