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Page Last Modified: Aug 9, 2018

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8/9/2018: Equestrian Sniglets: For those of you who don't remember the 80's, a sniglet is any word that doesn't exist in the dictionary but should. Here at Hillbilly Farms we have been making up some equestrian sniglets for your enjoyment. You can see the full list of equestrian sniglets on here our website or check them out on our blog, The Road Apple.

7/20/2018: Now in paperback: For all you luddites out there (that includes you, George!) our bestselling Choose Your Own Misadventure book The Big George Morris Clinic is now available in paperback. And it is still available in a variety of ebook formats for the electronically inclined. Enjoy!

The Big George Morris Clinic

6/18/2018: Horse Show Fees: For those of you that enjoy paying all those fees at horse shows, here is a little something for you:

Don't forget to pay your $7 image fee

5/28/2018: More Required Reading: We have just added a new short story to our required reading list for Hillbilly Farmers. The Brogue by Saki is an amusing short story that was written over 100 years ago, yet the horse in question seems all too familiar to riders here at Hillbilly Farms.

2/26/2018: Happy Birthday George Morris: Today is George Morris's 80th birthday! Happy Birthday!! To celebrate we were planning to have a print version of our Choose Your Own Misadventure Book, The Big George Morris Clinic, available for purchase. But that project is running a bit behind schedule (coming soon, though, we promise). Then we thought that, as our gift to the master, we would all ride without stirrups today. But that seemed like an awful lot of work. Then we remembered that George Morris doesn't really like birthdays, so we decided to do nothing. Happy Birthday, George!!!

9/4/2016: George Morris Clinic Bingo: Just in time for George Morris's return, Hillbilly Farms is proud to introduce George Morris Clinic Bingo. To play, just go to a George Morris clinic and use our interactive bingo card on your device, if you dare. If you are not brave (or stupid) enough to use your device at a clinic, use our printable bingo card and play while pretending to take notes. Just don't yell out "Bingo!" if you win, unless you have a card with the "Yells at someone for playing bingo" square.


6/27/2016: George Morris is coming back!: Hillbilly Farms is relieved to announce that George Morris will resume teaching clinics this fall. We weren't sure we would survive a year without George Morris. While we wait for September to roll around, we are going to diligently get ready for His Majesty's return by perfectly practicing to attend one of his clinics in our choose-your-own-misadventure book The Big George Morris Clinic.

6/24/2016: A Scandal Unnoticed: While scouring the internet for information about Jilly Cooper's new book, we discovered a scandal that occurred last year that went unnoticed by our diligent team of news reporters here at Hillbilly Farms. Last year the 30th anniversary edition of 'Riders' was released and this new edition included a chastely modified cover. Outrage followed, with everyone from authors to politicians lamenting the hand's retreat in the new image.

A scandalous prudeness

We apologize for this lapse in reporting and we promise our readers that in the future we will stay on top of all news relating to Jilly Cooper and Rupert Campbell-Black.

5/21/2016: Rupert Campbell-Black is back!: We recently discovered that Jilly Cooper has a new book, 'Mount!', coming out, featuring Rupert Campbell-Black. The book isn't scheduled for release until September, though, so it is going to be a long, long summer of waiting. While you wait, check out some other books recommended by Hillbilly Farms.

5/10/2016: A Very Special Jumping Clinic: In this very special episode of The Jumping Clinic, George Morris critiques his very own autobiography. (This critique can also be found as an Amazon review of Unrelenting.)

03/13/2016: New Jumping Clinic: A new jumping clinic entry has been posted.


11/14/2015: New Jumping Clinic: A new jumping clinic entry has been posted.

10/31/15: "The Big George Morris Clinic": Hillbilly Farms is excited to announce our new publishing enterprise, Hillbilly Press. To kick off our new venture we are offering for sale our very first book, The Big George Morris Clinic, a Choose Your Own Misadventure ebook. This ebook is available at a variety of retailers and in various ebook formats. This is your only opportunity to take a clinic with George Morris for the low, low price of $0.99.

The Big George Morris Clinic

10/25/15: George Morris Doll!: Finally, the day we have all been waiting for has arrived. The Chronicle of the Horse and Breyer teamed up to make a George Morris doll, excuse me, a George Morris action figure. And it talks! It says 20 popular George Morris quotes. While you anxiously await the arrival of your little George, you can play with the official Hillbilly Farms George Morris Paper Doll. This doll is FREE and none of the proceeds go to charity, but you do have to supply George Morris's voice yourself. In the photo below the George Morris doll prepares to demonstrate a point to his eager students at a recent clinic at Hillbilly Farms.

George Morris doll

9/12/15: A New Look To Go With Our New Address: After over a decade with the same exact home page, Hillbilly Farms has decided that it is time for a change. So we have updated our home page.

8/27/15: We're Back, Again, and We're Still BAD!: Welcome to our new home! After years of couch surfing on the internet, we finally packed up all of our pages and moved to our new home, www.hillbillyfarms.org. We have been hard at work on some new content and we'll kick it off with a new jumping clinic.

6/13/14: We're Back and We're BAD!: After taking some time off, Hillbilly Farms is back on the show circuit. We decided to start our comeback with a dressage show. What better way to display all of the skills we picked up during our hiatus. Jigger composed the following poem about his triumphant return:

The Pace Was Too Good To Inquire
by Jiggeragin

I enter at A and flash back to age three,
Back then the test did require,
"Proceed at a gallop, then track left", you see.
Oh, was I meant to circle back there at B?
The pace was too good to inquire.

I canter past C, there's a Jack-in-the-Box,
Flight to A becomes my desire.
I careen around as if chasing a fox,
Can they see more than the blur of my white socks?
The pace was too good to inquire.

I start to slow down, something catches my eye,
Now is no time to retire.
R, B, P, F, A, K, the letters fly by,
Do they spell out a word that rhymes with 'eye'?
The pace was too good to inquire.

They said to allow five minutes for my test,
Two minutes in, nearing the wire.
I ignore the bit's plea for me to rest,
Will my performance be a personal best?
The pace was too good to inquire.

Go to our new Poetry Page to see the original poem that inspired Jigger.

1/2/2013: Hillbilly Farms 10th Anniversary Slideshow: To celebrate our 10th anniversary We have added a Hillbilly Farms Slideshow to our website. Enjoy 10 years worth of Hillbilly Farms photos and click on the photos to discover previously undiscovered sections of our website.

10/16/2012: Hillbilly Farms Diamond Jubilee: So 2012 has turned out to be a crappy year. We pretty much gave up on 2012 in January and it has been downhill since then. But hope springs eternal, so we have started looking forward to the future. Next year will be the 10th anniversary of Hillbilly Farms so we are in the early stages of planning our Diamond Jubilee, a yearlong celebration of Hillbilly Farms. Part of that planning involves setting new, less ambitious goals for ourselves and our horses. One of my goals is to be able to trail ride a certain horse (who shall remain nameless) and not feel like I am taking my life in my hands. I decided to get a head start on my 2013 goals and I am happy to announce that yesterday I accomplished the first half of my goal!

5/27/2012: New Jumping Clinic: Another new jumping clinic entry has been posted.

1/29/2012: New Jumping Clinic: A new jumping clinic entry has been posted.

1/24/2012: Celebrity Endorsement: All of our dressage training has finally paid off with a celebrity endorsement from none other than Robert Dover. Here he poses in a Hillbilly Farms hat and tries to pretend that he is not associated with Hillbilly Farms.

Robert Dover

Thanks to our intrepid fan in San Diego, CA for getting this photo.

1/8/2012: The Road Apple: If you like The Onion (we certainly do) then be sure to check out The Road Apple, Hillbilly Farms' new dailyish blog. The Road Apple will bring you completely made up headlines and news articles from around the horseworld.

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