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Page Last Modified: Aug 27, 2010

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A Hillbilly Farms groom/trainer/photographer/rider


A golf cart is a must if you want to fit in at the big A-shows. So if another barn leaves theirs unattended, jump in and pretend like it is yours.

Hillbilly Farms with Holly Hills' golf cart

When success is measured by how long you stayed on your horse, turnout just isn't that important.

correct horse show turnout Too much hair

And attention to detail is over-rated.

Whose monogram is this?

(We don't know anyone with the initials LJH.)

no one will notice

The right tackroom setup is important for attracting the right sort of clientel.

tackroom tackroom

Wheelbarrows - not just for manure anymore.

Hillbilly Farms groom Hillbilly Farms groom

Use every tool at your disposal to gain a competitive edge.

gaining a competitive edge

A well-stocked grooming box is essential to keep both horse and rider performing at their best.

gaining a competitive edge

If your horse destroys the horse trailer, customize it so that every one knows who did it.

Who did that?

Baling twine can be used for just about anything.

fake tail

Staying hydrated is important...

The Trough

...but it is really hard to find chairs with cup holders that are big enough.

We need bigger cup holders

If it is good enough for the horses to pee in, it is good enough for you to pee in.

the pee stall the pee stall