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Page Last Modified: Jan 24, 2012

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Celebrity Endorsements

We are currently seeking endorsement photos from successful riders and horsemen. Your mission: get photos of top riders wearing or unwittingly standing near the Hillbilly Farms logo. Bonus points (and our undying admiration) for anything involving George Morris and/or the Hillbilly Farms thong. Below are our current celebrity endorsements as well as some strategies for success.

Hillbilly Farms in the Dressage Arena

Robert Dover Endorses Hillbilly Farms

Robert Dover Endorses Hillbilly Farms

Hillbilly Farms in London

London London

Above left: Hillbilly Farms visits with the Metropolitan Police outside of Prince Charles and Camila's mansion.

Above right: Hillbilly Farms and the Royal Cavalry march along outside of St. James Park.

Left: Sadly, Hillbilly Farms was not funny enough to make this Queen's Guard smile.

How to get great celebrity photos

Follow your victim around until he falls asleep at a pub. Then jump in for the photo op.

Olympic eventer from Belgium

Belgian Olympic Eventer

Spot your victim trying to hail a cab the night before a major competition and ambush him with a herd of rabid fans.

Rodrigo Pessoa

Brazilian Showjumping Superstar

No photoshopping allowed (unless it is really poorly done).

George Morris

                Showjumping Deity