Foxhunting in New Zealand (Part 4)

While we were in New Zealand we also did some sightseeing. We had never seen a live rugby game before so we went to a championship match between the Christchurch Crusaders and the Wellington Hurricanes. And now, due to the fog, we can say that we still have never seen a live rugby game:

The rugby game we couldn't see
Our corner of the stadium spent the game trying to hit the cops with paper airplanes

And what would a Hillbilly Farms vacation report be without a sampling of our favorite signs:

Here we stop for a minute to try to figure out what this sign is trying to tell us
Caution, punctuation ahead?
Walk like a duck?

And when it was finally time to leave New Zealand, we got stuck in this traffic jam on the way to the airport:

NZ traffic jam
A New Zealand traffic jam